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Our Services

Keep your chimney working at peak efficiency with our complete chimney venting company. High-Tech Chimney Venting provides expert chimney cleaning and chimney repair services.

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We Offer the Following Services:

• Chimney Cleaning • Chimney motorized draft Fan Installation
• Chimney Repair • Wood Stove/Inserts Installation
• Safety Inspections • Gas Log Sets Installation
• Masonry Repair • Gas B/Vents Installation
• Chimney Re-lining • Gas B/Vent Exhaust Flues Installation
• Chimney Capping • Double Walled Stainless Insulated Chimney Installation
• Chimney Top Dampers • Heating Boiler Chimney Flues Relining
• Chimney Repointing • Chimney Waterproofing

Spot-Free Chimney
As part of our chimney cleaning service, we perform a thorough safety inspection to determine which areas of your chimney are safe and which are not. We avoid chemicals, using only wire bristle brushes and other up-to-date products. Our team guarantees no mess as we clean your chimney from top to bottom.

Reliable Repairs
If your chimney suffers water damage, we can provide repairs to end any leaks. We grind out any loose, damaged cement, replace it with new mortar, and apply waterproofing to protect the structure. If needed we can Accent your chimney with one of our custom chimney caps.  If cold air and inefficiency is a problem, we can install one our energy saving top dampers to seal out the cold air.

Complete Chimney Demolition: We can take down and remove any chimney anywhere. From top to the base. We can remove any chimney structure.

Wood Stoves/Fireplace Inserts

Want to stop throwing money up the chimney? Why not install a wood stove or a wood stove insert? Traditional fireplaces do not heat your home; you lose more heat up the chimney burning a fire. Many homeowners realize the heat benefits and savings that can be gained by doing so. If there is ever an emergency and the power goes out in the dead of winter, you and your family will be nice and cozy in your home. It's simple, you pick out the stove or insert, and we do the complete install. After, we light a fire for you and show you how to use it. It's that simple!

Gas Log Sets

We also offer complete Gas log sets, the ceramic logs retain the heat and give the appearance of real charred wood. Our team will come out and measure, then perform an inspection of the fireplace for safety. Gas log sets provide a great fire without the work of storing wood.

Gas/Oil Chimney Re-Linings

This work is for the skilled venting professional only! (Many local and out of the area chimney sweeps are not skilled enough in venting to perform this work, and the results are undersized and incorrect chimney liners being installed resulting in Carbon monoxide back-ups and smoky fireplaces.) We have extensive knowledge in this highly skilled field that's why many heating professionals rely on us for their heating venting needs. Let our professional team inspect your chimney to first determine structural faults with the chimney, then take some digital images to show you and familiarize you with the process. We then consult with your heating professional to see what would be the best solution for a permanent fix. We use only top quality materials and conform with all of the industries standards to guarantee that the job is done right. When the work is completed, we walk you through the process and provide you with a lifetime guarantee. In 1yrs. The time we will come back and perform an inspection of the work.

We also perform maintenance and repair work for any type of vent, including:

• Any Exhaust Vents • Hot Water Heaters • Furnaces
• Boilers • Dryer Vents • Wood Stoves/Inserts

Contact us to learn more about our chimney cleaning and repairs.

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"It Cost Less, in The End, to Do it Right in The Beginning."

Picture of a failed lining that was installed to vent their gas boiler. As you can see, there is a complete failure and was leaking into the home. We originally gave them a proposal for the work, and they chose to get it done "cheaper." Their Carbon monoxide detectors warned them of a problem, and they ended up calling me back to inspect the chimney. This is what happens repeatedly in the field and can be avoided by using superior materials. We provide all of our customers with a lifetime warranty on all work and back that up with a "yearly" inspection.

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